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Jan 3, 2022 - WhatsApp Inc (Freeware)
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WhatsApp Messenger APK 2021 for Android is one of the pioneer messaging apps developed by Whatsapp inc. The free and multi-functioning application is one of the most famous cross-platform for audio and video messages between families and friends. Use WI-Fi or mobile data and send messages, videos, audio, photos, and documents throughout the world. The top-notch app has compatibility with iPhone/iOS, Windows, and Mac also. Create groups and share unlimited content without any charges.

if you windows user try it Whatsapp for PC


WhatsApp Apk Features

Installation Method

Whatsapp Apk Download 2020 latest versions of smartphones are equipped with Whatsapp. If you want to download the app, go to Google Play Store, and install the application. In case of installing Whatsapp Apk from another platform instead of Google Play Store, you have to enable “Unknown Sources” through Setting.

Security & Privacy

End-to-end encryption is the best feature for saving your messages. The fingerprint sensor prevents strange access to your content.  The lightweight app has an option of lock which can be enabled for a specific time and you can attend the call without unlocking the application. Sync your Whatsapp data on Google Drive


Group Chatting

Create as well as organize a group of 256 participants and share everything. You can also have an icon that makes the group calling easy. Additionally, multiple trendy features are for improving the eligibility of the app. Just stay connected with your family and friends and share a lot of fun and entertainment. 

Free of Cost

Use any type of internet connection such as 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE, and Wi-Fi for connecting you to your friends and family. The all-in-one app offers all types of connections. You can call anyone, anywhere, and anytime without any extra charges. You can contact us through the Whatsapp web feature for desktop PCs. 

No use of Username or Pin

You need not remember any other username or pin, just use your phone number and mix together with your phone’s directory. Just open your phone directory and connect quickly with any of your contacts. No bothering of adding username or pin. In fact a very simple and easy way.

File Sharing

You can share files including .ipg, mp4, .mp3, and several others. go to the chat window and open the “Menu” option, a list of multiple features will be displayed, click on the “document” button, this will redirect you to the available files on your mobile. You can send a 20MB file. The application prepares a backup feature which is useful in case of reinstalling the application converting the data to your new smartphone. The auto-default configuration transfer whole data to Google Drive at 2 AM daily.

Simple & Easy

Send audio/video messages throughout the world as there are not any extra charges. The application is very simple to use, just open the app and use it without any bothering of login or log out. In case of offline don’t worry; the app will save your messages for the time to log in. additionally, you can share a lot of things with your family and friends such as location, contacts, custom wallpapers, notifications, sounds, landscape mode, email history, broadcast messages, and much more. 

Dark Mode

The dark mode feature is the best offer for late-night users. The feature gives soothing to the eyes. You can enable the feature. For selecting themes go to “More Option”, open Setting, next click “Chats” and “Themes”.


Whatsapp Web

Enhance the chatting experience by using Whatsapp web. The feature can be enabled by connecting the mobile with your PC or Mac. After scanning the QR code log in to Whatsapp desktop along with all content related to your Whatsapp. Let’s enjoy chatting on the big screen and also perform your office or studies responsibility. 

Use of Stickers

The most popular app used by around 1.5 million people globally has equipped with a great variety of stickers. Great development enables users to express their feeling easily. And live up your conversation by sending multiple GIFs.

Share limitless videos

Upload huge-sized videos and share them easily. The log to track option informs you about online friends. You can also change the default Video Player and set MX Player as your default one.

Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business is another big success of Whatsapp Inc. The Whatsapp Business helps SMEs and E-commerce to grow. The businessmen can create a business profile by adding important information which not only impresses the customer but is also helpful to unite you with your client. Auto messaging connects you with the client even in case you are away. Statistic feature shows the performance of the client and give a proper strategy for the business plans. 


Usage of WhatsApp Messenger for Android

  • Create a profile photo as well as status that all your links will watch.
  • Send text as well as voice messages without any extra charges, even to users in other countries.
  • Exchange files (whether pictures, audio or video) through other users of the application.
  • Opportunity to create free calls very simply.
  • Inclusive collection of emojis that are continuously updated. You can discover multi-racial emojis or even much-awaited emoticons like elating your central finger or a Vulcanian greeting through Star Trek.
  • Chance to comment particular users in a collection talk using @ in front of their name.
  • Possibility to mention earlier messages in a similar talk just picking the message in request.
  • Option to acquire to identify the WhatsApp status of your links (delivered that they haven’t decided to hide it).
  • Check system for messages: The meaning of gray check the message has been sent, twice gray check that the message has been sent and double blue check that the message has been read.
  • Workings together on data plans as well as on WiFi.

Whatsapp Apk Main Points

  • Security & Privacy
  • Group Chatting
  • Free of Cost
  • No use of Username or Pin
  • File Sharing
  • Simple & Easy
  • Dark Mode
  • Whatsapp Web
  • Use of Stickers
  • Share limitless videos
  • Whatsapp Business

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